Many deaths of children are being reported every day in media. Whenever a death happens, lot of hue and cry takes place, later the matter gets subsided. The parents are offered some money and the case gets hushed up. Actually most of the cases are cold blooded murders. Police classify them as ‘deaths under suspicious circumstances’ and close the cases.  Even charge sheets are not filed in most of the cases where FIRs have been filed. The Parents are offered money or incentives to accept the out of court settlements and close the FIRs. The compensations offered to parents are not a ‘Relief’ for the child’s precious ‘life’. A child’s death in a family leads to lifelong sorrow. Hence, Parents are knocking at the doors of various Judicial institutions, but not getting any relief.  Parents will be eager to know the reasons or the persons responsible for the death of their child. Hence, Fast track procedures/courts should be established for children related cases.

In many cases the deaths are sudden resulting either due to gross negligence of school (or) college authorities (or) suicides which resulted due to either stressful environment created by the academic institutions (or) murders which are pictured as suicides. Most of these child deaths are reported as simple suicides, but when we probe into the case, any common person can understand that it is not a simple suicide. It may be due to Sexual Abuse or due to lack of medical facilities which resulted in death.

Hence, NILA is submitted a Representation in the Honourable Lokayukta on the  instances of child deaths where no justice has been done on 13/08/2015. Parents of the victims were also present. Requested for special investigation in 7 cases of child deaths where although two years have passed even charge sheets have not been filed. Honourable Lokayukta promised special investigation through their team of officers. I hope and pray that the parents will get Justice. Also requested for speedy justice when ever a child death happens in any school or college.


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