As you are all aware every day and every hour – somewhere in the world – a woman or a child is being subjected to violence or abuse physically, psychologically, sexually or economically. The abuse occurs in home, school, college and at workplace and even on the streets.

It is important to ensure that the human rights of these vulnerable groups that are subjected to marginalization, such as women & children are addressed in the context of crime prevention and criminal justice reform.

It is essential to bring together all the Legal Activists so that no victim fails in accessing Justice. An International network is required because of continuous migration of women & children from one part to another in the world and also due to the increased Overseas Justice denial cases in Labour and Marriage. To protect the Rights of Women & Children and see that they get speedy justice whenever there is a violation of their Rights, ‘NILA (Network of International Legal Activists) for women & child rights (public charitable Trust) is born.

Basically, NILA tries to increase the access to judicial and other legal mechanisms, extends assistance to victims by ensuring Legal Counselling and aid, giving physical, psychological support and therapy and creates an environment for their rehabilitation.

NILA tries to see that Victims are not further victimized in the ‘insensitive’ and complex legal systems and get rehabilitated by developing the capacity of existing institutions and agencies to offer victim assistance services in a more effective manner.

Founders of NILA are Dr Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta of THARUNI NGO & Dr T. Vasantha Lakshmi Ravi Kumar of Vasantha Lakshmi Charitable Trust & Research Center. They both are also Lawyers of High Court, Hyderabad, with two decades of experience in Legal Activism who filed many public interest litigations in various courts and other institutionsThey have dedicated their lives for protection of women & child rights. They are trying to bring together all the activists of similar zeal to help so many women & child victims across the world.

You are cordially invited to the launching Ceremony of NILA on        6th August 2015 at Press Club Meeting Hall, Somajiguda, Hyderabad from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Honourable Lokayukta, Sri Justice B. Subhashan Reddy has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest of the Ceremony and Smt Dr Tripurana Venkata Ramana, Chair Person, Women Commission and Sri Mangari Rajender, Director (FAC), Judicial Academy would be the Guests of honour along with many Legal & Social Activists.

We look forward to meeting you in this small but noble ceremony. Your valuable suggestions for taking forward this innovative intervention are highly solicited.

Thanks & Regards,

Dr Mamatha Raghuveer (9849418592)

Dr T. Vasantha Lakshmi Ravi Kumar (9000114422)


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