The Network of International Legal Rights (NILA) believes that the Rights of Children and Women are Human Rights which are Universal and indivisible. The Human Rights of such vulnerable groups like Women & Children particularly belonging to Under privileged, Dalit, Minorities, refugee and displaced should be addressed giving utmost importance. The Legal Systems in almost all the countries worldwide has given importance to women & children and written umpteen number of Laws and Legislations. The women & children need be aware about these Laws and able to utilize the Legal provisions to get their due rights. NILA believes that there is lot of gap between the Legal system and common people due to the complicated legal procedures. NILA intends to minimize these gaps through sensitization, Lobbying and advocating for simpler procedures in the system so that the common people can access speedy justice.

For this there is a need for all the sensible and responsible Legal fraternity to come together and build solidarity. NILA believes that this is possible by creating a structure or Forum so that the Legal Activists together voice their concerns and fight for justice for vulnerable women & children. The Legal Activists who had been fighting lone battles to protect the Rights of women & children can be now strengthened through NILA and create a strong impact. NILA recognizes that while fundamental social change often comes from social movements, the legal system can play a critical supportive role in these struggles. Therefore, bridging the gap between social activism and the legal system, NILA’s Initiatives engage both lawyers and social activists inside and outside the courtroom, to advance legal rights and ensure their implementation across the globe.