About Us

NILA tries to prevent violation of Rights of women & children through sensitizing and Advocacy. NILA strives to increase the access to judicial and other legal mechanisms, extends assistance to victims by ensuring Legal Counselling and aid, giving physical, psychological support and therapy and create an environment for their rehabilitation.


To see that women & children rights are protected through legal support, speedy justice and relief through a forum of Legal Activists


To help the women & children get access to speedy Justice through Legal aid, counselling, creating awareness about Law and protecting their Rights by offering victim assistance services


  • To bring together all the Social and Legal Activists among the Advocates to work for the betterment of the society.
  • To bring Solidarity among the people who are trying to uphold the principles of Justice by creating a common Forum.
  • To create Units/ Forums/ Wings at different levels for extending Legal & Social relief/ support the needy people.
  • To help the oppressed/ depressed/ underprivileged people.
  • To pursue legal process to bring relief to the needy.
  • To create public opinion and initiate campaigns.
  • To help the victim to reconstruct his/her life and for creating relief and rehabilitation of victims.
  • To create Legal Awareness through trainings, Campaigns, Events, Seminars & Workshops, etc among the Law Implementers and other stakeholders.
  • To create greater awareness of the Rights of the underprivileged through Publications & Communications.
  • To generate support for various Campaigns taken up by this Network through Advocacy.
  • To focus on the pertinent legal rights at all Forums to gain support for the above cause and promote momentum for the campaigns, for awareness of Rights of poor and needy.
  • To do any or all such other lawful acts as may be deemed necessary or conducive for the attainment of all the above objectives or anyone of them all decided by the Trust Board from time to time.