Legal Aid: NILA will extend low cost, quick Legal Aid in any country with help of its Network Members and NGO partners to needy women & children.

Legal Counselling:   NILA offers free sustained Legal Counselling to all the victims until they get legal solution to their problems. NILA will collaborate with other NGOs who run Help Lines for on-line and Offline Legal Counselling.

Public Interest Litigation (PIL):  NILA will file Public Interest Litigations whenever there is a gap in the providing Justice to the victimized women & children and also to focus the lacunae in existing Legislations or whenever needed to improve the Justice systems in the globe by bringing relief to people.

Sensitization, Training, Consultations:   NILA intends to train or sensitize all the stake holders belonging to legal & judicial systems. NILA along with other players from Government or NGO will organize Seminars, Workshops and trainings on various issues effecting Women & Child Rights.

Advocacy, Campaigns, Lobbying, Creating Public Opinion & Movement Building:  NILA will take up advocacy or initiate campaigns to address various issues related to Rights of women & children. NILA will also generate support for various Campaigns taken up by this Network through lobbying. It will focus on the pertinent legal rights at all Forums to gain support for the above cause and promote momentum for the campaigns, for awareness of Rights of poor and needy.

Publications: NILA creates greater awareness of the Rights of the underprivileged through Publications & Communications.

Monitoring & Fact – finding: NILA also undertakes monitoring and evaluation of government schemes and policies, and routinely files cases in situations where people are denied their rights. It also takes up fact finding in extreme cases where violation of rights of women & children.